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Posted by / 26-Sep-2017 17:30

But you just haven’t gotten to the point of spitting those thoughts and words out in a hands-on situation. For now be grateful for already having those thoughts.

Maybe you have a few fantasies but haven’t taken action on the dirty talk front yet?

Question: Do you believe you’re a proper girl, or guy? But looking at children we know exactly how they are just straightforward with what they want and desire.

There is a playfulness that we seem to lose over the years of learning how to eat properly, speak properly and act properly.

Good news: Simply start where you already feel comfortable.

Maybe you are already a master of dirty talk text messages?

In the beginning you simply stick to words that are familiar to you.

Like: “I love you” “You are beautiful” “You look sexy” Who says dirty talk during sex has to be vulgar?

You may use your moans, groans, sighs, whispering, or in some cases, even screaming. As I said you have your unique sexual expression through words.

Like a female body, dirty talks needs enough warming up and teasing before she is ready and begging for more.

You can for example use names for your genitals that you like and turn you on.

“So to become a conscious dirty talk master you need to open your mind and question your properness.” Start by writing down new words and phrases and try them out by whispering (by yourself first).

Once you feel a bit more ready, start texting those phrases to your lover or whispering them into the phone (a voice message can be an easier level for dirty talk too.) Your voice is your mature turn on factor in the dirty talk world.

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Meaning – be engaged in your body, your body needs to match your words. No master falls from heaven, we all gotta start somewhere. There are usually two types of dirty talk: soft-core and hard-core.